Size: 50ml/1.7floz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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WILDII (pronounced Wild-ee-ai) is a reformulated fragrance; a tender variation on an early TRNP previously named Myrrh. To this evolution I’ve added wild-crafted Commiphora Wildii (Omumbiri myrrh), ethically harvested by Himba women of Namibia. This type of Myrrh is sweet, mellow and golden, and it harmonises so well with the hand-tinctured Venezuelan tonka bean paste I used in this blend. I wanted to feature the incredible malted softness of the Myrrh, so the supporting cast of essences includes Atlas cedarwood, styrax absolute, cardamon, labdanum, tonka and benzoin.

The resins give it a toffee-like weight, a trance-inducing treacle plumpness that feels deeply nutritious, on a heart level far beneath the skin, beneath the ground. Wildii is a perfume story of Planet Earth, where the sky meets the soil, where its sunlit people and its animals roam free.

Wildii sings to its wearer in a lusciously felt-sense, creating a powerful inner silence, drawing an infinite space to the horizon, it touches us with dreams and visions of that pure, wild state of being; existing in total harmony with the earthly places we yearn for.


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