Tantra new

Size: 30ml / 1oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Taif rose, Sumatran patchouli, Ambrette seed, Mysore sandalwood, Portuguese labdanum, Benzoin and Styrax absolute.

Tantra is a love affair. The tempestuous mood of the affair has taken a sudden turn for the turbulent; we are spellbound, glamoured by the glinting dark mirror of obssession – haunted by suspicion, jealousy, erotic hunger pierced with the bitterness of self-doubt.

A cruel moon wanes and mind wanders, leaving the path, rushing headlong towards a dark and terrible landscape of grim enchantments. Monsters arise, hideous in the ticking, slow torment of time, weary as the sullen pace of caged beasts until at last, our beloved returns. 

The eerie light of suffering melts into purple shades of deepest night, we are lost in a tender swirl of joy, adrift upon an ocean of caress, ecstatic with the mutuality of remorse, and drunk with intense, burning passion.


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