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Type: Eau de Parfum

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Featured NOTES include:- White lotus abs, Frangipani, Green tea, Vanilla, Amyris, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Rose geranium, Myrrh, Frankincense, Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose otto, Sandalwood Aus, Basil, Petitgrain, Lemongrass & Ambrette seed.

It started as a tiny experimental formula that I blended a few years ago, and set aside and …totally forgot about. One day I picked it up and put a few drops in my nebuliser to see what time had done. I was shocked by how beautiful it had become. Time was its most magical ingredient and now it shimmered with gorgeous facets of light and shade. So, I made the perfume, based on the same formula, in a large quantity. It promised to follow the same pathway, but was a little tentative, and I wondered if the original batch was purely one of those elusive jewels, never to be recreated. It was lovely, but just not quite the shimmering freak of nature I was striving for.

Time… as it turns out, is the natural perfumer’s greatest ally and fairy godmother. Mekong eau de parfum has finally reached its destination.

Story behind Mekong: this fragrance is a vagabond who slips in through the window when you’re busy making plans. Its easy to disregard her on first encounter, she’s pleasantly charming, but nothing to write home about. And then she dives deep into the fragrant cavern of decants and random samples languishing at the back of sock drawers…. forlorn and forgotten. And Yet!…the exquisite heart of Mekong is a hidden gift, a symphony of floral splendours lying deep in the wet jungle of Thailand. The drydown.

A rusty tin shack is dimly lit by a hurricane lamp to reveal 2 ancient Thais, smoking, and sipping savage black coffee as they sit on rough-sawn logs, playing backgammon at a ricketty card table on a damp dirt floor. The jungle breathes and its shadows pulse with mystery. The night train to Surathani stops here, and a few sleepy tourists stretch their legs in the deepest, darkest part of the night. A path beside the tin hut leads you to a Buddhist temple, obscured by the dense cover of rainforest and purple shadows. A tiny bell chimes in the nectar of pre-dawn, and saffron monks emerge to shuffle along the path. One monk stops before a shrine to gaze at the temple flowers; frangipanis woven into a basket of palm leaf, graced by the tender embrace of jasmine. A single stick of sandalwood incense sends zig zags of pure white smoke up to rise and expand as the first crimson blush of sunrise penetrates the canopy. Sunlight spears its golden radiance into the temple.

It is a perfect moment.

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