Size: 30ml / 1oz
Color: Eau de Parfum

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Jasmine (Grandiflorum and Sambac), Taif rose, cloves, cardamon, vanilla, ambrette seed, Omani myrrh, Somali frankincense, saffron,  premium grade Mysore sandalwood, Hindi oud and Vietnamese oud.

The Child Tell me how it began, like a tiger’s tale, in a rhyme, as a song of waves and rainbows.

The Magus  A small girl, once dearly loved, was dropped from a very great height and fell to earth where she shattered into so many pieces that the pieces formed a rescue team to carry her through her journeys of days alive.

The Child …and the frightened, broken girl clutched all her shards and pieces and gave them secret names, for they were her champions, her djinns and fairies, kings and queens of all deep mystery and wisdom.

The Magus Yes, and all of her secrets loved her, for she was their deep mother. As she grew, she watched all life from behind her shimmering pieces, and never knew that her guardians were the pieces of her old injuries, so long forgotten…. until, finally, at long last, she awakened from the endless dream.

The Child What were her very first words?

The Magus Everything works.

Perhaps I should gather some scraps of those distant and primitive shores, and with the shreds of such ancient fables, together we will weave a blanket, indeed, a flying carpet, and as we journey, you shall pour the tea, and I shall read from a curiously comforting picture book with wistful songs to lull you, to keep you safe, as we venture deep inside the bejeweled cave of her mysteries and magic.

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