Size: 2ml Sample Spray
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Fragrance NOTES include:- Petitgrain, Night-blooming Jasmine, Neroli, Hand-tinctured Murraya Paniculata and  Sandalwood

A brand new archetype for the 'strong man', here is the man of tenderness, of compassion, filled with devotion, unbound skills, pure mastery. A great man for the times.

We must now to nature come, abreast in shapes of wonder-light, or lie listless, in loose perspectives of the known debate, aloof, along rivers of night, meandering in timidity, stunned as soul flight. Swarming we’ll ride, broad and high as every stream, flushing and rising with lunar goading, quickening, swiftly upon a deep and urgent swelling of our primal power.

Watcher wait,… hear my cries, for love has left a measured breath for us to find. You, carry the train of brides, lifting eyes and arms slow and steeply in these windy woods, alive, I shall strum the tunes of hearty men, come now new to the altar of choice, reaching, stretching. Yet may we conquer the dream-thieves, bind them in pillars of our denial, for none may fashion the dawn of our bold change, save here, striding free, upon the glorious wetlands of life.

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