Sugar Kiss

Size: 50ml/1.7floz
Type: Extrait de Parfum

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Sugar Kiss Perfume by Lorenzo Pazzglia is a fragrance for women and men. Lorenzo Pazzaglia think of the sweetness of a sudden caress, of the warmth of home when you return cold, of a slice of panettone dipping into hot, frothy milk with hazelnuts and chocolate. Smell the toffee and dates on the table while the orange peels crackle on the cozy fire…

Can you hear that?
There is a scent of celebration in the air

Anthea Devon

 What's sweeter than the smile of a happy little girl for her gift?
A gift made from the heart, the big heart of Lorenzo Pazzaglia: a perfume, to little Sveva, on October 12th, the day of her eighth birthday.
A gourmand fragrance that portrays with its harmonious olfactory symphony the most beautiful and pure characteristics of childhood: fior di latte, sweet orange peel and delicate vanilla leave room for cocoa flowers, chocolate, fior di panna, becoming velvety and even more delicious thanks to the tonka bean and toasted hazelnut.
The drydown is soft and sugary, thanks to the base notes including brown sugar, caramel, toffee and musk.
Being children again and seeing that wonderful smile appear on our faces, surrounded by the memory of the most innocent and pure times.
A little girl who blows a kiss from her hand to say thank you, a direct and sincere gesture that fills the heart with tenderness: this is Sugar Kisses.

Top notes:

fior di latte, cocoa butter, heliotrope, sweet orange peel, frangipani, moorea vanilla

Heart notes:

cocoa flower, tonka bean, cream flower, chocolate, toasted hazelnut, date, dark chocolate, coconut

Base notes:

vanilla pod, cane sugar, benzoin, white musk, caramel, toffee, barricaded rum.


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