Kamel Oud

Size: 50ml/1.7floz
Type: Perfume Extract

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 Kamel is the initiate. In the history, he was the friend who entrusted Antoine with all the secrets of the oriental olfactory macrocosm, as well as those of its innumerous riches-full and important. Kamel Oud was born of this precious knowledge. Like seductiveness in a bottle, this elegant scent interprets an air of subtle, refined aromas. With its emphasis on Far Eastern scents, it delivers a generous, gourmand result. Its mix of undertones,  invested with incense, oud wood and red fruits, promises a unique dynamic. It'll magnify your coming 1001 days and 1001 nights. Be set. To all your oriental solicitations.  This scent was conceived as a  homage. Thank you, Kamel. 


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