Size: 50ml/1.7floz
Type: Perfume Extract

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Greasque was born in a small village nestled in the ambrosial denes of southeastern France. Elegant and insuperable, its striking trail embroiders a fine Provençal parterre. Combining blackcurrant and bergamot- mixers at the top the scent moves with gooey poetry. Previously drafted, Gréasque is the result of moxie handed down through generations of Sora Dora. Mint, played in all its wholeness, isn't simply a sublimating olfactory element, but an essential raw material that resonates with all its compass. As the beating heart of the scent, it allows itself to be enhanced by the musicale of other aromas on the palette. study of as the lightness of first sunny days, Gréasque comforts you with fine traces of cedar and clary savant, while deeper notes of soaring wood snare you by the skin. Its imperious trail will delight the most enterprising. Then is spring.


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