Size: 125ml / 4.2oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Godolphin Eau de Parfum, a distinguished leather unisex scent which is as regal and sophisticated as the incredible Godolphin Stallion himself. An elegant leather scent of undeniable power, the Godolphin fragrance is based around a sumptuous leather accord, equal parts rich, sweet, powdery, spicy and regal. This distinguished scent opens with the freshness of thyme, saffron and cypress accords contrasted by rich rose which anchors the smooth sensual heart of the fragrance combining with jasmine and buttery orris. The distinct leather, cedarwood and amber notes create a warm woody finish giving the fragrance and it's wearer a powerful presence.

Top notes: thyme, spicy saffron, cypress
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, iris
Base notes: white cedarwood, leather, amber

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