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Secret Absolu is new fragrance for men and it was release in 2020

Description: The reminiscence of the oud scent from a trip to a faraway land, a memory of a spice market eternally lodged in our olfactory memory.... Secret Absolu emits an exotic, sophisticated, and virile aroma. Bergamot, cypress, and pepper in the head notes, cedar, white amber, and violet petals in the heart notes, all resting on a precious base of oud, leather, Tonka bean, musk, with a dash of vetiver and patchouli.

Directions: For long-lasting effects fragrance should be applied to the body`s pulse points. These include the wrist, behind the ear, crease of your arm and knee, and the base of your throat. Pulse points give off more body heat as this is where blood vessels are closest to the skin.

Top notes: Bergamot, cypress, pepper
Heart notes: Cedarwood, white amber, violet leaf
Base notes: Oud, leather, tonka bean, musk, vetiver, patchouli

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