Cupids Kiss

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Extrait Pure Parfum

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Cupids Kiss Perfume


Orris and suede lie at the heart of this rich composition, which is a real treat for connoisseurs. Pink pepper and bergamot lift the start of the fragrance, bringing a lively, playful tone. The orris in the heart is highlighted by the floral elements of immortelle whilst labdanum, oud and sandalwood circle around the soft suede found in the base, bringing both light and shade to the overall scent.

Pepper pink C02 LMR, Bergamot Oil

Orris resinoid LMR, Immortelle abs Balkans LMR

Labdanum resinoid LMR, Oud oil LMR, Sandalwood Oil New Caledonia LMR, Suede accord

 The complex pyramid of exceptional ingredients create a truly original luxury perfume of contrasts: contemporary yet timeless; soft but bold; comforting and carnal. All of our fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait.

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