Size: 100ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Christos Perfume by Giardini di Toscana is a fragrance for women and men. Christos perfume exudes an evocative character, teeming with enchanting suggestions. Much like a captivating dance, it intertwines essences reminiscent of magical shamanic rites with the allure of amber. The inclusion of ancient elements like Ciste and resins harmoniously blends with Pepper, Vanilla, and Rose, culminating in a fragrance that transforms into a spiritual and enduring incense. This perfume is a dynamic and profoundly ascetic olfactory experience.


  • Top notes: Amber Xtreme, Incense, Bergamot.
  • Heart notes: Rose, Patchouli, Cyst.
  • Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Pink Pepper, Benzoin, Incense, Sandalwood.

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