Ani X

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Extrait de Parfum

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Nishane ANI X was the first fragrance released in 2019 under the theme "NO BOUNDARIES," encouraging people to break down emotional walls. It quickly became celebrated as one of the best known vanilla fragrances. Intended to continue the mysterious, timeless journey of its predecessor ANI, ANI X was formulated to deliver an even more powerful burst of citrusy freshness upon first spritz. Its blend of citrus and vanilla notes offers a unique, heritage experience to its wearers, beckoning them to explore the power of the past and build their own empire from the ruins. Ignite your own journey through time with ANI X and discover how to eliminate boundaries.


bergamot oil - lemon oil - watery notes - honeydew melon - cardamom oil - blue ginger - pink pepper


lavender oil - sage - green apple - blackcurrant - rose - patchouli


cedarwood - cashmere wood - vanilla - ambergris infusion - white musk - sandalwood

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