Amouage Royal Tobacco

Size: 100ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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At 23rd degree north latitude, the olfactory bridge between Oman and Cuba is formed through Opus XIV - Royal Tobacco, combining the archetypal essences of Royal Frankincense and Tobacco Absolute to form a unique and distinguished blend. Both materials are renowned for their long aromatic history, as additional notes emphasize and accentuate their distinct characters.

Cardamom and Elemi illuminate a voluptuous heart of flowers and balsams, highlighted by the duo of Frankincense and Tobacco. Benzoin, Labdanum, and Myrrh embolden Vanilla Absolute and Tonka Bean, accentuating the coumarinic notes from the Fenugreek. Prunol, Bulgarian Rose and Osmanthus Absolute add floralcy and fruitiness to the cigar-like aroma, while Anise and Basil bridge the Liquorice for a smoky finale of Birch Tar, Vetiver, and Guaiacwood, heightened by the presence of Oud.

Opus XIV - Royal Tobacco is a daring, lavish, deep and modern creation fit for men and women alike.

 Perfumer: Cecile Zarokian 

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