Amber Sogara Attar

Size: 12ml Pure Oil

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Floral | Amber

A crystal twinkle of Aldehydes uplifts the luscious silkiness of Rose Centifolia blooms caressed by the diaphanous muskiness of Ambrette. A canticle of light and might echoing still in the antic halls of Al Sogara.

Perfumer: Élise Bénat

Size: 12ml

How to apply your Attar Amber Sogara

Using the dabber, gently apply a drop of Attar Amber Sogara on your pulse point in a swift smear.

Very gently, dab your wrists together so as to wake the Attar up. You may also apply a single drop of Attar to the tip of your finger, then dab your pulse points, without rubbing them.

Should you have any Amber Sogara left on your finger, you may run your hand through your beard or your hair. Always apply your Attar on your skin.

Top Note: Aldehydes

Heart Note: Rose Centifolia

Base Note: Ambrette

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