Ilham - Nektar (Parfum Extrait)

size: 30ml

The Scoop

Ilham: in Arabic it is the sound of the word whose corresponding meaning is Inspiration. We can see why this utterly addictive scent garners such a name. Its olfactory pyramid is complex and intense, thick with surprises: bright and juicy peach, a dusting of sumptuous spices, simmering caramel and benzoin. Ilham is pure luxury - no costs were spared kind of luxury - long idle vacation kind of luxury, with nothing to do but explore and be inspired.

While the scent begins fruity, it quickly piles on a few other facets: resinous labdanum anchors the fruit to the darker wood notes of agarwood and smoky nagarmotha. Elegant leather purrs and smooths the scent while a spice trio of ginger, pink pepper, and saffron elevate the scent to a higher vibration. For lovers of refined fruit and leather or next level gourmand scents, the stunning composition of Ilham is well worth exploring. Available in two concentrations, the Parfum Nektar is rich and resinous, while the Eau de Parfum is a touch airier and may be more suitable for everyday wear.

Ilham - Nektar NotesnnLeather, peach, red berries, saffron, caramel, labdanum, nagarmotha, pink pepper, ginger, agarwood, benzoin, musk, peru balsam, patchouli, vanilla.

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