Quattro Pizzi- Casamorati

Size: 100ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Quattro Pizzi takes the wearer to a summer in the south of Italy.

Reminiscent of the Belle Époque era, the scent tells a story where love, beauty and nobility entwine with secrecy and sin. A juxtaposition of sweet and spicy hits the senses on first spray with rum, davana and pink pepper, where the intoxicating notes of tuberose enchant and seduce at the heart, a sensual scent that lingers like a lover's forbidden touch on the skin long after the sun goes down.

Heat and passion unravel through the notes of this scented story ahead of Sicily’s breathtakingly beautiful backdrop.


  • Rum, Davana, Pink Pepper, Coriander
  • Tuberose, Coconut
  • Hay, Blonde Leaf Tobacco , Tonka Bean

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