Orchidee Rouge

Size: 50ml/1.7floz
Type: Perfume Extract

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Red Orchid. The most beautiful of  trippers tales-l'adorable embrasement SORA DORA. From their outpour across the Indian Ocean, the Sora Dora family has gathered multitudinous black vanilla excerpts. A remarkable mix of so numerous vanilla quintessences, the performing deep condensation sublimates all the malleability of a heliotropic accord, with almond milk at its heart. Dependence follows, with a grasp of rum and benzoin. The final notes musk in moping dormancy- a phenomenon at a round,  fine declension.   A true incense of character, Orchidée Rouge transports us to warm,  fantastic lands. It assumes the part of intoxicating us- intoxicating beyond measure. You must want it. To your collections. 


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