Rosendo Mate 2010

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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ROSENDO MATEU 2010 Perfume

In 2010 Rosendo was named “Maître Parfumeur”, a nomination that certainly valorised his full dedication, commitment, and passion for perfumery.

2010 is influenced by his travels to Thailand, Singapore, or the United Arab Emirates where he continued developing his passion for raw materials.

The first notes will show something aromatic and floral as well as the appearance of woody hints. After a while there are bursts of spices, resins, and balsamic notes together with saffron as the main note that are defined as an intoxicating smell.

A fragrance that releases its hidden treasures, sweet notes, musk and dry woods when fixed in the skin.

Aromatic – Wood – Cedar – Flora 

Musk – Dark Wood – Sweet

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