Vanilla Edesia

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Extrait Pure Parfum

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Electimuss Vanilla Edesia This opulent creation is a cornucopia of the gastronomic delights of creamy vanilla, exotic fruits, citrus and bitter almond seasoned with exotic spices cinnamon and pink pepper, scattered with ylang-ylang, heliotrope and sweet rose centifolia florals, all underpinned with an addictive, carnal base of amber, musk, leather, gourmand and woody accents.

The vanilla absolute at the heart of this perfume is rich, dark and slightly salty, combined with creamy and nutty notes, mandarin and bergamot seasoned with cinnamon and pink pepper. The heliotrope, ylang ylang and rose centrifolia sweeten the scent with fruity florals and honey facets, with a carnal base of musk, leather, gourmand and robust woods.


Olfactive Family:
Spicy woody floral creamy gourmand

Mandarin oil
Bitter Almond
Pink pepper
Frankincense oil

Cinnamon Ceylan oil
Cumin oil
Coriander oil
Rose Centifolia absolute
Gurjum balsam oil
Ylang Ylang Extra oil
Creamy/milky notes

Vanilla absolute
Cypriol oil
Vetiver Haiti oil
Sandalwood oil
Cedarwood Virginia oil
Amber woody, Leathery, White musks

All of our fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait and have excellent projection and longevity.

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