Narcotica Dulce Diablo

Size: 100ml/3.4floz
Type: Eau De Parfum

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Dulce Diablo is a  succulent gourmand and a 2022 release from the brand Narcotica.

Chocolate with fresh and dry apricot, flowery freesia, cacao excerpt with gold honey, oakmoss infusion, gooey davana soaked in dark cognac, and rum absolute with a gorgeous dry down of black vanilla Madagascar, soft sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and gourmand tonka absolute.

Boozy and Addicting gourmand is a must-pass by the master perfumer Claude Dir and the brand Narcotica.

Narcotica brand preface.

Dare to try?

Narcotica is to homage to everyone’s wild and unique minds.

Our brand was born to satisfy inner dependencies.

Wild and niche  scent house to indulge and expose each soul’s inner dark excitement. Dependence to love, excite, attach, and lighten up the joy and seductive side of humanity.

Desire, Strength, and Indulgence.

Combined with these important words in abstract delineations, Narcotica has trapped all in a single bottle.

Each spray releases meaningful fantasy. Unleashing and turning imaginary dreams into reality and satisfying inner instigations.

spices created by master perfumer Claude Dir, In “ Extrait de Parfum ”  attention, with natural raw constituents, ensure the quality of our brand.

Indulge the addict in you since 2019.

We're Narcotica addicts, are you? 

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