Rosendo Mateu No. 8

Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Rosendo Mateu 8 is an exotic product, fresh and vibrant and at the same time deep in its base notes. Classified within the fruity-floral-oriental family, it is a very versatile perfume that can be liked by both men and women. It is a creation that stands out for its complexity and offers a sophisticated and multidimensional olfactory experience.

The top notes are tropical and refreshing, with the sweetness of apple and pear combining harmoniously with the exotic touch of pineapple. The top notes give personality to the perfume and evoke a feeling of tropical paradise.

The heart notes of Rosendo Mateu 8 present a transition towards a deeper and more sensual territory. Amber provides a warm and sweet touch to the fragrance, while patchouli provides an earthier and slightly smoky air. Cinnamon adds a touch of spice and Bulgarian rose provides quality floral elegance.

Finally, the base notes are rich and robust. Cedar wood provides a woody and soft character, while vetiver adds an earthy and slightly bitter facet. Guaiac, with its smoky, sweet aroma, complements these woody notes. Vanilla, for its part, softens and sweetens the composition, providing a warm and comforting closing.


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