Narcotica Happy Dust

Size: 100ml/3.4floz
Type: Eau De Parfum

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Happy Dust is a seductive gourmand 2023 release from the brand Narcotica.
A  joyful creation pressing the world’s most asked and seductive scent to humans. Vanilla! Happy Dust will transport you to a fairyland where the Vanilla sky is the limit.

Not just Vanilla. Silky and easily amalgamated, exposing the king and the queen of the scent, vanilla Madagascar absolute and green matcha absolute. rounded by sweetened golden amber,  dazing white musk, and a touch of white flowers to pave the way to wonderland.

Plaintively sweet, an aroma that attracts, the scent that turns heads. A lustrous dependence without limits.
Spices created by master perfumer Claude Dir, In “ Extrait de Parfum ”  attention, with natural raw constituents, ensure the quality of our brand. 

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