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Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Type: Eau de Parfum
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Vesna Cologne is a fragrance which embodies the onset of spring. The optimism and vibrancy of renewed life and the vigour of youth burst forth from this complex and beguiling scent.

In Slavic mythology Vesna is the goddess of spring and the word ”vesna” literally means “spring” in Russian.

Opening with a combination of zesty lemon and Russian black tea, the scent is complimented by a verdant and distinctive tomato leaf accord. As the fragrance transitions, the succulent fruity sweetness of pineapple makes its presence felt alongside bold yet beautiful magnolia. In the base of the scent, dried fruits impart their sweet and seductive aura whilst rich and earthy nargamotha provides a deep and complex foundation.

Delicate yet strident, ethereal yet tenacious – Vesna Cologne is a fragrance which is instantly enjoyable but which rewards repeated wearings with seemingly endless nuances and subtleties.

Top notes: Lemon, Black Tea, Tomato Leaf
Heart notes: Pineapple, Magnolia
Base notes: Dried Fruits Extrait, Nagarmotha

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