Oil Fiction

Size: 75ml / 2.5oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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From the always original Juliette Has A Gun comes a voluptuous, ultra-luxe fragrance built around the light and generosity of oriental notes. By trading in the edgy rose/oud accords so associated with the brand for a symphony of exquisite middle eastern spices and warm amber, Oil Fiction is both profoundly different from its predecessors, but nevertheless hums with the same creative joy. Opening with a deep blast of sensual, camphorous tuberose and warmly savory saffron, Oil Fiction announces its carnality right from the start. But there's nothing vulgar about it- this is grown-up sexy, refined by a majestically indulgent vanilla and a daring hint of patchouli, lifted by a wondrous mlange of spices, creating something hypnotically magical. Elegant, suave and deeply animalic,

Notes: Calabrian bergamot essence, amber absolute, tuberose absolute, ylang ylang, iris, saffron, labdanum, patchouli essence, Madagascar vanilla absolute, sandalwood essence, papyrus oil

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