L for Women

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For the third and final entry in their Private Collection series, Clive and Victoria Christian selected the letter L, to represent love: both the love between a father and daughter that has been the foundation of their esteemed fragrance house, and the love and harmony between carefully selected ingredients that allows Clive Christians often imposingly vast notes lists to result in exquisitely balanced, supremely tasteful compositions. With L for Women, Clive and Victoria deliver a deeply feminine, utterly lush full-bodied fruity floral as rapturously bright as it is complex and opulent.nnWhile rose is but a supporting player in the male version, in L for Women, it is the star of the show. And not just any rose, but legendarily fragrant Damask rose, its renowned richness married to a full-bodied jasmine and given modernity and vibrancy with top notes of pink, black and white pepper and sweet, fruity Davana. The earthy, sensually woodsy base of vetiver, cedar and musk that appears in both versions of L is every bit as potent here, but in this version a creamy, temperate vanilla flows gently around the edges, smoothing and uplifting without ever contradicting the subtle edginess of the still-present spices. Love is both exciting and comforting, both soft and bright, both beautiful and sensual- luckily, L for Women is all of these and then some.nnL for Women NotesnnGreen leaves, pink, black & white pepper, davana, rose, freesia, narcissus, magnolia, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, cedarwood, musk.

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