Pagan Oudh

Size: 30ml / 1oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Hindi Oud, Vietnamese Oud blended with the 2020 Pagan formula.

Long before the great Tantric union of cosmic force, a Maker reached through the goblet of eternity and forged a pact of deep dimensional flexibility. Some may have called it a folding, and yet, she knew it as a mistiness of light upon the curving of her intention. Her resting breath was measured in the gliding lift of pure love. Force upon friction, her desire compressed within need, forming, fashioning… A kaleidoscope of devastation reverberated around her home, absorbing all sacred knowledge; the collected wisdom of a billion aeons of existence. Starlight shattered as galactic tremors ripped through time in a blinding fractal of searing light. It was a destruction that burned it’s impression upon every quanta of Creation. Each light-particle now contained a captured image of the annihilation within it’s nucleus, that when sensed, would generate fear eternally. It was here, deep within the exhalation of it’s very last, and most numinous breath that her dying star’s deepest core of infinite and loving wisdom finally uncovered the way. A wondrous and shimmering alternative revealed itself in the darkening glow of final moments of being. A doorway, an infinitesimal stellar gateway had opened to allow one sound, a pure and resonant overtone to enter the time-space continuum of an almost-demolished star. The brave clarity of that one true note vibrated at such high frequency that it was capable of masking a final act of perfect, creative splendour. Harmonics swelled out as the entire contents of her home star’s radiant consciousness fully retracted into one, indescribably pure-light particle. The overtone gateway closed around her, invisibly silent in deep black space as her star finally and fully exploded. She simply sailed on, singing, through the infinite night on a fringed stick of woven light, naked and slick with mercurial flying ointment, on and into the future, to roam, free in the glistening wilderness of her new home.

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