The Path

Size: 5ml Sample Spray
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Originally intended as a new batch of Black Spruce, this composition wandered off that map and ventured into deeper, denser territory. It shares some of the core ingredients of Black Spruce, but this is blended with crisper definition, a steadier hand, and much more oud.

When blending The Path, I wondered where this new passage would lead, as night fell, and the temperature fell and the sky turned black. In the trance of composing, I imagined a flaming torche, a radiant beacon of warmth to light the way home to the hearth of our humanity:- a place of Love and Survival.

As I followed the path, I claimed responsibility for all that my forebears and I have taken from Mother Earth. I apologised for not honouring or even asking first. I gave thanks for the purity of morning light, for the power and might of wind and rain, and even for life’s crises, those challenging paths upon which we discover the true miracles of inner strength, of courage and the priceless jewel of human kindness.

NOTES include:- Fir Needle, Black Spruce, Elemi, Texas Cedarwood, Styrax absolute, Labdanum, Mysore Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver and Vietnamese Oud.

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