Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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The finest tobacco fragrance in the world.

A fragrance that lies between the earth and the sky; the story of an alchemic journey throught the elements. A perfume with an intense note of Tobacco and woody - spicy nuances with a drydown wild, sweet and sensual.
Habanos carries the Being in ancient ritual atmospheres when man was one with Mother Earth.
Habanos indeed is often worn by women who loves manly fragrances.
Nothing in the world can be comparable to its aroma.

Top Notes: Tobacco leaves, lime, sapphron, cardamom
Heart Notes: Galbanum, absolute rose Marocco, tobacco, patchouli iris Fiorentina, carnation, Ylang Extra
Base Notes: Absolute tobacco, absolute vanilla, sandal Mysore grey amber, vetiver Java, grey musk , Burmese oud

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