Yusuf Royale

Size: 2grams
Type: Oil

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Imagine Oud Yusuf—but its apricot sweetness drenched in the jungly incense smoke of Maroke. An oud that picks fresh lilacs, diffuses them through a jinkoh incense coil, and dips them in a honeydew cocktail laced with the encens of vintage Papuan oud smoke.

What made Oud Yusuf so universally appealing is its beautiful fusion of florals and fruits. Yusuf Royale casts those qualities on full display—but filtered through this vintage prism of Sultan Qaboos-original Oud Royale.


So, lilacs—yes! Honeydew, apricot, peach, and all the floral-fruity goodness that makes Oud Yusuf—yes! All of that…… with the grandness of Oud Royale.

The chance to experience smells like this come around once-in-a-lifetime. Many of those who have smelled Oud Yusuf have also smelled many many Thai ouds to compare it to. And nothing compares…

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