Ward Sultan Attar

Size: 2 grams
Type: Attar

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This is an old, old, old perfume I formulated years ago, tweaked to make this edition extra-special.

Chugoku Naya (a super rare five-years-aged single-sourced China/India distillation) joined by an older brother, Oud Ayyoub, a rare Meghalayan distillation (aged for five years more making it a decade old this year) proudly sit at the forefront, supported by an amazing blend of vintage sandalwood oils, and the legendary rose oil from the 1980s from Sultan Qaboos himself.

Anyone who has asked me about it knows Sultan Qaboos’ rose is a prized ingredient I use extremely sparingly. This yield dates back many years, and together with the deep red of Austrian rose to compliment the Sultan’s historic extraction, this is as fine a rose attar as you can ever smell.

Every supporting ingredient — from the aged artisanal ouds to the vintage santal (twenty-nine years vintage), and the Sultan’s own rose — turns this rendition into an exquisite revival of the very first Sultan Rose Attar, and improves it.

The formula is elegant and uses this precise – and simple – selection of the very finest aromatics in perfumery to stir up a warm spicy-sweet interplay with Sultan Qaboos’ rose that makes Ward Sultan Attar the rose-oud perfume of a lifetime.

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