Oud Extraordinaire

Size: 2grams
Type: Oil

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Oud Extraordinaire or the mighty Oud Ishaq. There’s an echo of Kyara Ko-Twe that just shouldn’t be here (but is). A slow, measured consistency in the way the scent unfolds that boggles veteran distillers. A fat layer of sweet molasses, gentle wafts of tobacco, and a signature fruity tone that twirls in between that you’d expect to smell only in the wildest grandma crassnas.

The oil itself is honey-thick, which boosts longevity because it lets the scent linger on the skin longer than less viscous ouds. It also intensifies the woody base, and sharpens the strong incense heart notes already imbued with a darker shade of peach-plum that gushes into a contrast of cherry tobacco and a playful citrus-infused sencha. A soft chord of rose petals underneath… it all lets you in on the caliber oud you’re smelling.

Oud Extraordinaire is a one-in-a-thousand bottle of oud. It’s what all oud wants to be—organic and wild—but doesn't put in the time to become. The maturity of the fruitiness, the depth of the woody-incense backdrop, all of it hinges on the kind of resin you work with.


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