Musc Royale

Size: 2grams
Type: Oils

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Like a musk bomb blew up in your face, you don’t even know which way to smell… did the Siberian grains musk-efy the Santal Royale or did Santal Royale add more musk to the pods? Either way, you get a blast of musk from both ends, combusting in the center to explode in a musk-sandal match made in heaven.

Zen and desire don’t normally hold hands, but the sensual, pheromonal pull in Musk Royale is off the hook—and yet… it pampers you with the tranquility sandalwood is known to imbue; the meditative cool that calm your nerves and slows down racing thoughts. The way Musk Royale lets you discover the ‘here-and-now’ of zen and the zesty ‘here-and-now’ that any aphrodisiac stirs up in him and her, is pure olfactory magic.

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