Monsieur Oud

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Type: Attar

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Monsieur Oud took shape in my mind’s eye because of my infatuation with Walla Patta. The notes of frangipani and osmanthus and orange blossom and mimosa it naturally displays.

 There are three main chords humming in the base: that aquatic cool if of incense-grade Sri Lankan oud oil, joined by one of my oldest and most precious musk infusions into Mysore 1992 exalted by vintage 1998 Kupang sandalwood from Timor. Each of these oils is a collectible aroma in its own right. But I haven’t even gotten to the base proper.

In the heart notes, you’ll smell the most expensive flowers on Earth. From red champaca to Thai frangipani, French mimosa, osmanthus, iris, and sumptuous orange blossom, paired with rare flowers sourced from Italy, Bourbon coffee blossoms from Madagascar, and the most sought-after jasmine in existence: It’s so unique you won’t even recognize it as jasmine, but rather as pure animal musk.

For the top notes, I picked the choicest bitter yuzu from Japan, Italian bergamot, Paraguayan guaicwood, Brazilian rosewood, and balsam of the fir tree, silver fir, and rare petitgrain—all spiced up with lusty top notes of pink pepper… and a touch of civet.


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