Ambra ’92

Size: 2grams
Type: Oil

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Ambergris is a scent any frag lover must smell. You cannot not know its fragrance, nor can you fully appreciate ‘amber’ perfumes without a taste of the real thing.

The scent of shells, of the ocean or a salty evening breeze, of walking on the beach at the point where the seawater flows ashore and foam-covered waves make your feet sink in the sand. It’s this fusion of scents, this olfactory montage of seawater, sea sand, and the ocean air around you that you miss out on if you’ve never smelled ambergris.

You see, you’re not just missing out on its unique salty seashell sweetness, but on how ambergris makes everything it touches smell better. In this case, thirteen-years-aged Mysore sandalwood…

Raw ambergris and Mysore are by themselves rarities, expensive to obtain, and precious enough to store separately. Crushed Jamaican beach-combed ambergris infused in Mysore is to scent junkies what a fat slice of cheesecake is to a sweet tooth. Additive, delectable, and totally worth it.

Ambra ’92 puts the ambergris at center stage. There will be many times throughout your wear when you’ll wonder if there’s even any sandalwood in here. The seashell sweetness and the scent of wet salty ocean rock come to the surface crisp and clean, as if the Mysore has somehow retreated.

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