Size: 13ml / 0.43oz
Type: Extrait De Parfum

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The creation contained in this exquisite Bohemian crystal bottle takes its name from the famous star known as Cas: "which means the hand of God". A star of variable intensity, capable of emanating different light and of hiding from distracted eyes, only showing itself in its full magnificence to expert explorers, to those who have the spirit to see and not just to glance distractedly, for those who know how to launch their inner ego beyond the realms of appearances.

Just like the star after which it is named, this exquisite essence also only reveals itself and illuminates the truly accomplished and those who adore elegance: experts of unique, artistic scents.

Here, as they had already done in the stylistic design of the Attars, Paolo and Tiziana have broken down the olfactory pyramid of the famous Cassiopea fragrance, seeking new hyperboles in the journey towards infinite beauty and building new harmonious and stylistic balances between the molecules to design a new route in the quest for beauty.

This is why we find a beauty with "variable" intensity, because it is a beauty that remains hidden until the fatal moment of its brightest, most powerful explosion; a beauty that reveals itself in the sensual dance reverberated by its own light, a pool of magic that the scent alone knows how to create.

The music first plays softly and the dance of the spices begins slowly, almost silent and ephemeral like a caress from the hand of god, guided by the regal strength of black pepper laid out on a bed of pink pepper and adorned by the contrasting power of precious green pepper. A symphony in crescendo, bursting forth from the resounding echo of the spices, now settled on the solid woods of Oud and Birch, amalgamated in a juxtaposition of sweetness and strength, thanks to the accurate action of the vanilla pods and the olfactory magnitude of grey amber and Musk.

It takes a very refined, sensitive spirit to fully understand the artistic structure of this creation, which only reveals its full beauty after days of careful observation!

TOP NOTES: Rose, Black pepper & Pink pepper
MIDDLE NOTES: Oud, Green Pepper & Birchwood
BASE NOTES: Vanilla Bean, Amber Grey & Musk

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