Size: 2ml Sample Spray
Type: Extrait de Parfum

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Olfactory Description

Zemfira is our celebration of the marriage of the highest quality real oud and rose ingredients.

This classic combination receives a new and unique interpretation with the use of precious Vietnamese oud and Rose de Mai which elevate this fragrant partnership to a new and exquisite height.

The eternally fragile beauty and delicacy of the rose provides the perfect contrast to the dark and mysterious enigma of exotic oud wood in this rich and seductive perfume. Beauty meets strength and elegant simplicity comes into contact with potent complexity in a creation which will be experienced differently at every turn and in every wearing.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper
Hеart notes: Rose de Mai, Hybrid Tea Rose, Atlas Cedar
Base notes: Bengalian Sandalwood, Vietnamese Oud

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