Symphonie de Néroli

Size: 2ml Sample Spray
Type: Extrait de Parfum

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Olfactory Description

Symphonie de Neroli is a glorious homage to the timeless beauty of neroli – a product of the bitter orange tree and one of the most long standing and celebrated ingredients in perfumery. Our symphony supports the delectable note of neroli with a quartet of citrus notes and a beautiful harmony of florals, woods and precious oud.

Vivacity and vibrancy intertwine with sensuality and complexity in a creation which takes the ubiquitous neroli accord and harnesses it to travel beyond the boundaries of the traditional Eau de Cologne style scent.

The opening combines zesty bergamot with lemon, lime and clementine in an irresistible citrus melange. In the heart of the perfume Tunisian neroli mingles with soft and delicate jasmine sambac and two types of earthy vetiver. At the base of the fragrance precious real ambergris and oud mix with oak moss, peru balsam and tolu balsam providing a rich and complex foundation to this vibrant and multi dimensional creation.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Clementine
Heart notes: Neroli Tunisia, Jasmine Sambac, Vetiver from Java, Vetiver from India (Ruh Khas)
Base notes: Ambergis, Oakmoss, Virginian Cedar, Oud from Trat, Peru Balsam, Tolu Balsam

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