Sayat Nova

Size: 2ml Sample Spray
Type: Extrait de Parfum

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Olfactory Description

Sayat Nova is a fragrance inspired by the legendary 18thCentury Armenian poet and troubadour of that name. The scent evokes the romantic mysticism of exotic lands and bygone centuries. This exceptional creation fuses dark and intense woody tones with rich and luscious sweetness. Like the famous balladeer himself, Sayat Nova inspires images of romance, opulence and unbridled passion.

Opening with a delectable combination of apricot and narcissus the perfume transitions to reveal a rich and irresistible pairing of rum and vanilla at its heart. At the base of the composition, three varieties of precious oud infuse their complex and inimitable magic alongside the classic foundation of oakmoss.

Top Notes: Apricot , Narcissus
Heart Notes: Rum , Vanilla
Base Notes: Oud from Laos , Bengal Oud , Oud from Trat , Oakmoss

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