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Size: 100ml / 3.4oz
Type: Eau de Parfum
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Ambrosia, a heavenly fragrance which leads to a complete surrender of the senses.

In Homer’s poem, Circe tells Odysseus that a flock of swallows took ambrosia to Olympus, where the gods lived in the hope of delighting them with its aroma and sweetness. Like the nectar of the Gods, this fragrance exudes honey, fruity and floral aromas.
The fruity-sweet gourmet onset of white melon and black pepper, mixed with notes of apple with captivating shades of caramel instantly tempt the senses.
The world of fragrance enters the Garden of Eden, allowing one to breathe in its delights.
A heart that flirts with Florentine iris and osmanthus from the Manjuelong Valley in southwest China; a flower, that possesses an intense yet delicate bouquet, with a fragrant aura that extends for miles.

Top Notes: Date, black pepper, plum, toffee apple, pomegranade
Heart Notes: Sandal Mysore, absolute iris Fiorentina, absolute rose centifolia, cedar wood
Base Notes: Burmese oud, grey musk, frankincense, absolute vanilla, honey

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