Al Contrario

Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Type: Extrait De Parfum

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The Tiziana Terenzi collection has always been inspired by travel and experiences related to fire. The amazing, powerful moment in which the soul is put on hold, as if suspended, is very close to absolute wonder that seizes the moment. Faraway places are experienced by the soul of the traveller who is searching for interior growth. Each stop is an opportunity to go up one more step on the ladder of awareness that leads us to knowledge and true prosperity.

Al Contrario tells of the return journey from these quests, one of the most beautiful and intimate moments for travellers. A moment of nostalgia for the wonders left behind and at the same time, a heart full of uneasy emotions for the loved ones we will meet on the hearth of our home where a crackling fire waits for us. As we near home, slowly, the places become more familiar and friendlier. The sweet slopes of the green hills of my homeland appear in the distance. The plants, the farmland and the fruit orchards that this marvellous place knows how to provide come into view. You recognise the tree that you used to climb as a child and the old farmhouse with dim lights shining from the half-closed windows.

After the curve, the seasuddenly appears, greeting you with its crashing waves. You are finally home, love and a welcome fire in the fireplace warm your heart and set the pace for recounting tales of the adventures just concluded.

This is an intimate perfume, like the intimate sentiment of the newly-returned wayfarer. This perfume is dedicated to those who truly comprehend the essence of travel and life. Not everyone knows how to go back, just like this refined perfume is not for everyone. It was created on a subtle balance, an almost nostalgic feeling of longing that falls somewhere between the sweetness of vanilla and the contrast of malt and cacao pods. Graceful yet profound, this fragrance reflects the provocative presence of select wood, like ebony, in which it is rooted. It is a journey for those who come back, then are once again ready to depart on the quest that life offers every day through its daily wonders.

TOP NOTES: Malt, Ebony Wood, Cacao Pods, Stone Powder
MIDDLE NOTES: Vanilla, Orchids, Tonka Beans
BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Cane Sugar, Benzoin, Hazelnut 

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