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Aoud Violet (Eau de Parfum)

Aoud Violet (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

Whatever it is you think Aoud Violet smells like, you're probably wrong. Don't misunderstand us, there's certainly oud and violet, blended in the heart of the fragrance with a deep, earthy patchouli to give off a sophisticated, lightly smoky sexiness that lingers for hours. But Aoud Violet, with its intense green opening and rich mossy drydown, turns out to be a surprisingly sophisticated unisex bound to smell as intoxicating on even the manliest of men as it would on the ladies. Fresh, sporty, rich and carefree, Aoud Violet is an out-of-nowhere crowd pleaser that will turn heads on anyone, in any situation.

Aoud Violet Notes

Bergamot, spices, green notes, violet, patchouli, oud, vetiver, amber, white musk

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