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Wild Leather (Eau de Parfum)

Wild Leather (Eau de Parfum)

  • $ 16000

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The Scoop

Sometimes, you want your fragrance to gently purr; sometimes, you want it to howl. But why not both Wild Leather opens with a beguiling spritz of juicy bergamot and delicate violet, seizing our attention and igniting our senses, before a rich rose-patchouli blend begin to cross us over into the main attraction: a growling, snarling, smoky-rich leather adorned with warm amber and sensual oakmoss. Intense yet subtle, sexy yet sophisticated, Wild Leather is a fragrance designed to turn headsgently.

Wild Leather Notes

Bergamot, rose, violet, patchouli, amber, leather, oakmoss, gaiac, white musk

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