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Black Intensitive Aoud (Eau de Parfum)

Black Intensitive Aoud (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

A journey through an entire world of oud combinations, Black Intensitive Aoud is a fragrance of countless mysteries and nuanced combinations. Opening with a sweet, spicy blast of peaches, chili peppers and cloves, Black Intensitive Aoud quickly sweetens up with a rose-influenced Turkish delight, made spicy and earthy with saffron, violet and jasmine. As the aoud itself brings a smoky, resinous influence, a warm cedar and sandalwood base prevents things from getting too abstract or heavy, while a fresh-smelling gurjum balsam ties woody and spicy together. Complex and creative, Black Intensitive Aoud is a delight to smell on someone else- but its greatest rewards are reserved for the actual wearer.

Black Intensitive Aoud Notes

Peach, clove, hot pepper, rose lououm, jasmine, wild violet, saffron powder, aoud, gurjum, cedar, sandalwood

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