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Blue Hope

Blue Hope

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The Scoop

Conventional wisdom says that cool fragrances can't be passionate and gourmands must be sickly sweet. We're glad nobody told Xerjoff that, because Blue Hope, the newest Shooting Star, is a tantalizingly complex stunner that combines fresh citrus and delicate spices with a delectably sexy vanilla-based drydown.

Blue Hope announces its year-round wearability with an opening blast of bright citrus, immediately given intriguing depth with a heart featuring rich, warm cedar and savory saffron. As the smooth, creamy vanilla of the base blends with the spices to create a mouthwatering mlange, an equally captivating castoreum/musk blend also asserts itself, balancing the delectable with the aphrodisiac. Finally, a fragrance guaranteed to make you smell delicious- in every way.nnBlue Hope NotesnnBergamot, mandarin orange, saffron, cedar, jasmine, vanilla, castoreum and musk.

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