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The ScoopnnWe're often asked to name the sexiest fragrance. The answer isn't simple. A fragrance that will inspire passion needs to be sensual without being tasteless, mysterious without being obscure, and alluring without being easy. In Dhajala, we've found a serious contender. Dhajala creates a captivating, seductive tension by blending green, fresh notes with a spicy, warm, ambery heart. Like all the most memorable lovers, Dhajala seduces both on an intellectual and corporeal level.

Dhajala first presents an intriguing burst of stemmy galbanum and sharp bergamot, all lying on a balsamic bed that softens and amplifies over the next several hours. Delicate orange flower, joined by spicy pink pepper and a subtle hum of jasmine, rounds out Dhajala, marrying its citrus and amber into a captivating whole. As Dhajala fuses, it becomes like a beautiful Persian rug, a melody of sensual pattern, shot through with delicious tonka and amber. Dhajala is rich, complicated, and mesmerizing, immediately recognizable, yet letting its wearer take center stage. It's irresistible. Wear it, and when heads turn your way, don't say we didn't warn you.

Dhajala NotesnnBergamot, orange flower, galbanum, orange flowers, rose, jasmine, pink pepper, Tonkiphora balsam, Myroswelia balsam, amber

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