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Wild Fruits (Eau de Parfum)

Wild Fruits (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

If you guessed from the name that Wild Fruits is based around a large, juicy bouquet of fruit notes, you get well, you don't get anything, it was fairly obvious, after all. But don't discount the "wild" element- this isn't a little girl's sickeningly sweet fruit scent, nor is it some ultra-bright citrus scent in fruit's clothing. No, Wild Fruits takes a truly impressive array- sweet-and-sour kumquat, tart lemon, juicy peach, sticky blackcurrant- and rests it all atop a smooth, sexy base of violet, cedar and musk. The result is a fresh, sexy fruit fragrance that would smell equally killer on a man or woman. You don't think fruit scents are for you Maybe you just haven't found this one yet.

Wild Fruits Notes

Citrus fruits, wild violet, fruit basket, blackcurrant, peach, apple, white cedar, white muskn

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