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Indian Dream (Eau de Parfum)

Indian Dream (Eau de Parfum)

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The Scoop

Indian Dream is a perfectly named fragrance. Not only because of the Indian-inspired floral bouquet, which sparkles and sings with delicate white rose, bright orange blossom, and sweet, almondlike heliotrope; but also because in its hazy, subtle, evocative loveliness, it really does evoke a dreamlike state. As the soft florals bring you ever closer in, the rich warmth of amber, sensual musk, vanilla and vetiver weave around the contours, entrancing and delighting. Close your eyes and let Indian Dream carry you away.

Indian Dream Notes

Geranium, heliotrope, orange blossom, Indian jasmine, rose, amber, sandalwood, white musk, vetiver, vanillan

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