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Nur Parfum Nektar (Parfum Extrait)

  • $ 18500

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The Scoop

Classic and refined, this elegant blend of rich amber and smooth Russian leather is crafted with an eye to tradition, using traditional perfumery methods to showcase the precious ingredients. An intriguing blend of citrus, incense and herbal grace notes give this scent a distinctly cool opening, which is slowly warmed by the glowing amber heart. Ripe apricot and velvety Madagascar vanilla enrich the deep, hushed sweetness of the amber, while iris root and musk accentuate its powdery aspect, resulting in a exquisitely balanced amber that nestles luxuriously in a bed of gorgeous, supple leather. Nur radiates a confident, reassuring warmth that is regal, but approachable.nnNur Parfum Nektar NotesnnLemon, incense, Artemisia, chamomile, amber, cedar, apricot note, iris roots, tree musk, Russian leather, Madagascar vanilla

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