Sacred Ground

Size: 30ml / 1oz
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Sacred Ground is some kind of an elixir made entirely for those strange cats amongst us who want to heal the world, who want to sing out loud, who yearn to lift the spirits of anyone they sense is feeling sad and afraid, the types of people who bend down to meet flowers face-to-face, and raise their faces to the sky in total joy when it rains. Bottled entirely for people who start up conversations in awkward moments, who smile for no good reason, talk (in their adult voices) to animals, and wave back to children in cars in traffic.

Sacred Ground is built for those odd sorts who still believe in fairies and miracles, and find wonder in everything. Explicitly hand-made for folk who happily dance solo, and especially crafted for those who know the secret pathways into deep, true nature.

Aside from being a perfect fragrance for David Attenborough… Sacred Ground is a syrup of wild honey, native nectars, malted earthy floral sweetness and caramelised woods.

NOTES include:- 
Tasmanian Boronia, 3 sublime stocks of the sweetest, creamiest Australian Sandalwood, Honey Myrtle, Manuka, CO2 Agarwood, and organic Ballina Honey.

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